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The moneyRaksha brand was born out of the vision of a team that comes backed by years of experience in the Indian and global financial markets. Our goal to give our consumers the best deals, comes from a deep understanding of the banking and financial sector worldwide, across partnerships and illustrious engagements that have redefined banking practices globally, and within the country.

Leveraging keen insights from the money markets worldwide, our leadership team envisaged a solution that gives the average Indian consumer, the best financial deals - with no hassles and no hidden practices. To us, championing the cause of the consumer is quintessential. In doing so, trust and hard work are the cornerstones that define our actions, as we work to give our customers the best deals across a range of financial products.

This ethos cascades through our organisation and into every mR Expert who serves our customers, offline or online.


Mahendra, Sales Manager

"At moneyRaksha, we amalgamate globally-followed best practices to put our customers first. We exist to serve the customer first and work hard to find the best deals for the consumer."

Gayatri, Team Lead

"At moneyRaksha, we give customers the freedom of choice - multiple options in the same product categories. The customer is empowered to choose and not pushed to make a decision. To me, that's the right way of making customers happy."

Tina, Customer Support Executive

"What I love about my role is that I get to work across different product categories, from loans to insurance to credit cards. This enriches my knowledge and I am able to provide the right solutions to consumers who call for support."

Tara, Team Lead

"According to me, speed of processing is critical - both for us and the customer. The customer must be assured that once they have applied, we will do our best to see that their application is processed at the earliest."

Satish, Manager

"I constantly reinforce the importance of sharing the right information with the customer in a timely manner. This is what makes my team successful at what they do."

Uma, Product Specialist

"Working at moneyRaksha has taught me that customer satisfaction comes before the revenue I make for the organisation. I have seen this work, when one happy customer brings in another!"