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Who we are

When we launched moneyRaksha, we had just one goal: to change the way banks and insurers sell financial products. We do not believe that the Indian consumer is getting either a fair or transparent deal; that is not right and we have committed ourselves to do something about it.

We have taken inspiration from the best practices around the world and our objective is clear; to help every household to make the most of their money. We do this by providing a free online and phone-based service allowing you to compare a wide range of financial products; by price, product features and service - without the jargon and without unnecessary complexity. We partner with the consumer to find the right deal at a great price.

Our core values at moneyRaksha are important to us and are right at the heart of everything we do; they are honesty, integrity and respect for people. We aspire to be simple, transparent, empathetic and liberating.

We are passionate about consumers' privacy. We do not tolerate the nuisance-calling that dominates the financial services today. We will only engage with a consumer if we think the conversation is relevant and beneficial to them. We will never sell-on personal information.

We treat our customers fairly and as we'd treat a member of our own family. We constantly look to offer them advice and services that puts them in control and finds them the deal they truly deserve.

Our services are free to the consumer. Our revenue comes predominantly from fees paid to us by product providers and advertisers either when our customer clicks through to their website or when our customer actually applies for or purchases a product.

Our team

Anupama Banerji, Co-founder and Director

Anu completed her undergraduate degree at Richmond University and her Masters at Buckingham University in the UK. Over the last 10 years, she has founded and given wings to a number of successful businesses across Europe and India, establishing herself as an instinctive and innovative entrepreneur. Anu believes that to innovate efficiently, we need to look beyond our borders and challenge the norm. With moneyRaksha, Anu is driven to deliver the best in financial services, to consumers across urban and rural India.

Alison Day, Co-founder and Director

Alison completed her undergraduate degree at Loughborough University and her Masters degree from the University of London, UK. She is a well-established academic and practitioner delivering winning strategies through service-excellence. Alison has worked across a number of European markets and is motivated by the belief that a business driven at the expense of what is right for the consumer; is one that is destined to fail. Alison carries this mantra to moneyRaksha and ensures that customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that the organisation does and stands for.

Ajay Abhayakumar, Co-founder and Director

A graduate from the University of Delhi and a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants India, Ajay has been involved in the financial distribution space for over 15 years. He is the founder of the Ascon Group of companies. His in-depth understanding of customer requirements and the desired customer journey coupled with his vast experience in working with various financial institutions provide a solid foundation for moneyRaksha's growth.

Aditya Sapru, Member of the Advisory Board

Aditya holds an MBA degree from Santa Clara University, with a specialisation in Finance and Operations Research, as well as an MS from Cornell University. He is currently the Managing Director of Neumck Advisory. Prior to this post, he was the Group President (Strategy) for the Hinduja Group, a multi-billion dollar business conglomerate with a footprint in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Aditya was also the Partner and Managing Director for South Asia and Middle East at Frost & Sullivan.

Elan Kulandaivelu, Member of the Advisory Board

Elan has spent over 13 years with Infosys in multiple roles including, the Head of the Development Centre. He has managed relationships with Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Capital One, American Stock Exchange, Chrysler, BankOne, Reebok, etc. Elan has also spent over five years with iGate and managed the North America business, global banking financial services business, and technology training for the company. He has managed relationships with Royal Bank of Canada, Charles Schwab, RCM Dresdner, Mellon Capital, Bank of Montreal, etc.

S Balasubramaniam, Director and COO

Bala is a graduate from Bangalore University and has over 20 years of experience in direct sales, marketing, and operations. His knowledge, hands-on experience, and success in pioneering products across consumer durables, automation, and financial distribution, form the back bone of the operations at moneyRaksha.

Durga Prasad J Marla, Vice-President — Distribution

Durga Prasad has been associated with the Ascon Group for over 10 years. A graduate from Bangalore University, he has an in-depth understanding of the distribution of all types of financial products across various demographics. This understanding of consumer behavior strengthens moneyRaksha's sales and distribution network.

Jabeen Sameer, Vice-President — Sales

Jabeen is a graduate from Bangalore University and has 8 years of experience in handling sales, operations, and customer support for various financial products across the Industry. Her complete understanding of the sales process and her ability to determine what is right for the customer ensures customer satisfaction is the driving force of moneyRaksha.

Our promise to you

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